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About Asension

Asension is an Australian Electronic Warfare (EW) technology company established to develop and deliver advanced systems that intelligently sense, collect and bind information in a sensor fusion, bridging the gap between information and knowledge to multiply force effectiveness in real time.

Developing next generation systems and techniques derived from a long legacy of Defence service and experience combined with leading edge technology, Asension is the future of EW.

Our History

Originally founded as DEWC Systems in 2018 with a vision and mission to deliver an Australian, space-based Electronic Warfare capability, the company developed a reputation for leading the way in developing EW technology for Defence. Along the way, we have built a strong team of ex-veterans and Defence personnel together with some of Australia’s finest graduate engineers, all deeply committed to developing true sovereign EW industry capability.

Working with academia, DSTG and industry partners, we developed the foundational technology elements of the future of EW. In 2020 we developed and launched a miniaturised EW payload to the edge of space as the first customer of the first commercially licensed space launch facility in Australia, contributing to the development of the space industry within Australia. This was later followed by leading the establishment of the Australian Defence Space Capability Alliance (ADISCA) industry group.

In 2022 the company was reimagined as Asension, representing the rapid evolution of our early work and the start of the next generation for Australian Electronic Warfare. Our software-definable hardware and user configurable applications are designed for space, sea, land and air deployment and are remotely reconfigurable. Encryption technologies developed with our partners in academia and DSTG enable all Asension nodes to form secure mesh networks while the powerful edge processing elements support independent operations including AI.

Asension is the future of EW.


Our Values

We are an organisation more akin to a movement and culture that holds firmly to its lived values of ensuring the best outcomes for our customers by striving for professional mastery in electronic warfare disciplines and acting with integrity in fairness, transparency and mutual respect. These values ensure our enhanced reputation and allow us to work collegiately and collaboratively internally and with our partners.

It is our culture and values that successfully bring the vast experience of veteran engineers and the bright and agile minds of graduates together to solve complex problem in novel and contemporary ways.