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Asension Forges Strategic Partnership with Alaris Antennas to Amplify Australia and New Zealand's EW Spectrum

Adelaide, 18 August 2023

Large antenna on top of a building in front of a sunset
Alaris Antennas, supplied

Asension are thrilled to share that we have signed a distribution agreement and are now a trusted supplier in Australian and New Zealand of Alaris Antennas, a global pioneer in antenna solutions for EW spectrum monitoring and communications.

As a company known for state-of-the-art electronic components and systems, this partnership marks another milestone in Asension's evolution.

Since our inception, Asension has been at the forefront of innovative EW technology, collaborating intimately with academic institutions, Defence Science and Technology Group, and industry peers. This partnership with Alaris Antennas aligns with this trajectory, presenting new opportunities to fortify the region’s defence capabilities.

Vic Bergamin, Asension's Sales Manager, said, "This collaboration represents a convergence of two stalwarts in the EW domain. Alaris Antennas' expertise in designing and testing antenna solutions, combined with Asension's dedication to cutting-edge technology, heralds a new chapter in the region's electronic warfare capabilities."

He added, "With the technological leaps we've witnessed, especially in communications, EW and microwave systems coupled with AI-driven data processing, it's imperative for us to join forces with global leaders like Alaris. Their depth in antenna solutions will empower us to provide more comprehensive offerings, further bridging the gap between raw information and actionable knowledge."

While Asension's primary focus remains on supporting Australia's Defence sector, the company recognises the importance of diversifying our portfolio. Bergamin highlighted, "Our vision is not confined to domestic borders. We're positioning ourselves for exports to the UK, USA, and other pivotal markets."

The collaboration promises to enrich Asension's product range, leveraging Alaris Antennas' proven innovations to cater to diverse environmental and technical demands. The partnership also resonates with Asension's broader vision of harnessing multiple viewpoints, combining traditional wisdom with modern innovation to create unparalleled ISREW solutions.

Alaris Antennas logo
Alaris Antennas logo

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