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Asension Celebrates Milestone Export of Wombat 19-inch Rack Version to the UK

Today, we are thrilled to announce a momentous achievement in our journey as a company - the successful export of the Wombat 19-inch rack version to the UK. This marks Asension's first venture into the international market and represents a significant milestone in our growth and evolution.

This was made possible with the dedication and hard work of our exceptional Wombat project team. They have truly surpassed all expectations with their collaborative spirit and unwavering determination to overcome challenges, resulting in the creation of a highly successful product. The Wombat is the realisation of a concept that emerged from our MOESS work more than two years ago, and it stands as a testament to the incredible contributions of everyone involved in its development.

Visit the Wombat product page to find out more about the Wombat Smart Sensor Suite.

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