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The Future of EW

Our software definable hardware and user configurable applications are designed for space, sea, land and air deployment and are remotely reconfigurable. Encryption technologies developed with our partners in academia and DSTG enable all asension nodes to form secure mesh networks while the powerful edge processing elements support independent operations including AI.

Sensor Telemetry and Communications (STaC)

The STaC System is an all-inclusive, intuitive telemetry package designed and manufactured in Australia for a wide range of rocketry, balloon and airborne applications.

  • Long range RF transceiver capability
  • Australian designed and built
  • Encryption for secure transmission and storage
  • Meets regional RF regulations
  • Compact form factor for integration with small rockets


The STaC manages all telemetry downlink and event timing for the operation of the following:

  • Low, mid, and high-power rockets
  • UAVs
  • Balloons
Visit our new Wombat technical specifications page: 

Visit our Documents page to download the latest technical specifications sheet for the Wombat Smart Sensor range


The Wombat Smart Sensor Suite is a sovereign, software-definable, intelligent transceiver to support user-configurable RF applications.

The Wombat’s common software architecture and intuitive user interface provides a wide range of hardware configuration options.

  • Australian designed and built
  • Reconfigurable hardware
  • ITAR-free
  • Wide RF coverage that is configurable to user requirements
  • Two footprint sizes


  • Cognitive tools for pre-emptive Electronic Attack
  • High-power illuminator for bistatic operations
  • Spectrum monitoring for channel assurance and allocation

See our work in action

Asension has collaborated with a range of different Australian companies to deliver innovative EW solutions in the defence industry.Here are two examples of our work in action.

DSX 001

The DSX 001 was our first commercial payload launched from Australian soil. Not only was this a monumental moment for Asension, but it also showed the innovation of sovereign Australian companies.

Asension worked closely with civil aviation authorities and community leaders to bring this rocket launch to fruition in Koonibba. This launch wasn’t only a historical moment, it also showed that Australia has the capability to quickly launch compact sensors and collect rockets after.

DSX-001 resulted in two rocket launches in September 2020. The DSX-001 payloads were designed to detect meteorology radars, monitor the system's health and environment, and download data live to several ground stations.

MOESS Program

The MOESS Program, or Miniaturised Orbital EW Sensor System, is a sovereign, space-based, reprogrammable, tactical EW sensor system capable of Defensive Space Control and Space Domain Awareness. The MOESS provides tactical levels of persistence, resilience and adaptable situational awareness and acts as a node in a future sensor network.

MOESS was developed by Asension with the support of South Australian universities, the Australian Institute of Machine Learning, and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), where a proof-of-concept was funded by the Defence Innovation Partnerships.

MOESS is an example of sovereign defence force applications. Working collaboratively with the AIML and DSTG, we were able to provide a highly controllable payload for the Australian Defence Force.